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Oil Painting Master Class

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Take a Master Class in how to Paint with Oil and Acrylic with this collection of over 750 tuitional videos.

You will discover many different techniques are discussed and you will learn many tips and tricks that will help you vastly improve your painting skills.

Use this app as a “Video Referencing Library” where you can come back for a refresher lesson or search for how to do something new.

App features:
** Edit the video title, subtitle and keep your own set of user notes.
** Move the video around its group and even change its group.
** Make videos your favourites and give them your own rating.
** Search by title or notes.
** View by favourites or rating.
** View by history the last ten played or visited videos.

Lessons include:
Sunlit Mountain Waterfall Oil Painting Landscape Demo
Palette Knife Forest Landscape Oil Painting
Classical oil painting landscape by Yasser Fayad
Rustic Cabin Oil Painting Landscape Art
Oil painting Pier Part 1
Oil painting Cascading Waterfall Paint with Kevin Hill
OIL PAINTING TIME LAPSE sunset landscape Alaskan Daydream
Artists Jose Trujillo - Abstract Impressionism Oil Painting Demo - Tutorial
Painting Rain Shower Clouds - Oil Painting Timelapse
Uig Sky Part2 Scottish Landscape Oil Painting Demo by artist Scott Naismith
The Secret to Oil Painting with Light Color with Michael Chesley Johnson
oil painting A quick lesson on painting clouds
Oil Painting Landscape Wilderness
Oil Painting Demo Sanna Sky
Trees Painting in Oil - Our door landscape oil painting
Oil Painting Landscape Demonstration
Awesome Landscape Oil Painting Demo - Impressionist Loose Brush by Artist Jose Trujillo
Oil Painting Free lesson Blender Brush Tips
Oil Painting Landscape hot atmosphere
Painting Landscape Oil On Canvas By Yasser Fayad
Oil Painting Brushes for Landscape Painting - Brush Basics Explained
Palace of Fine Art alla prima landscape oil painting demo by Zimou Tan
Classic Oil Painting Landscape
Fishing by the River Oil Painting on Canvas by Dusan 13 11 2015
Oil painting workshop with Svetlana Kanyo Landscape with mountains
Oil painting tutorial landscape
Artist JOSE TRUJILLO Oil Painting Demo - Impressionist Palette Knife Painting
Tuscany landscape - oil painting demonstration part-2 by Alessandro Giambra
Oil Painting Time-lapse - Barn Scene
Landscape Oil Painting
Hyperrealism - Oil Painting Landscape
Oil painting in layers tutorial 2 of 4
Oil painting Seascape with sailboat Part 1
Landscape Painting in Oil by MengTao Artist
Along the Evening Path Landscape Oil Painting - Paint with Maz Online Class
Oil Painting Waterfall Landscape - Paint with Kevin Hill
Oil Painting - Bamboo Forest - Paint with Kevin Hill
Oil Painting Sunlight on the Swamp - Paint with Kevin Hill
Sailboat among the waves Oil painting
How to Paint clouds water reflections - Oil Painting tips techniques - Lachri
Stirling Afternoon plein air oil painting by Andy Dolphin
Painting Clouds in Oil Paints
Kasey Sealy landscape painting in oils
Starting a painting composition landscape painting oil painting
How To Paint Oil Painting Demo Clouds In Fast MotionLife Is Short
Road sunflowers and clear blue sky - oil painting
51 - Sandy Creek Bridge 5x7 Small Oil Painting Sketch
The Grand View Eppisode 1 Yellowstone National Park Plein Air oil Painting
FREE Heavy Textured Oil Painting Landscape Part 13 Canvas Painting Techniques By Sergey Gusev
19 - Moonlit Waters 5x7 Small Oil Painting Sketch
Palette knife speed painting in oil Venice Water View 2015 with Svetlana Kanyo
Oil Painting Demo Harris Seascape
Oil Painting Free lesson Liner Brush Tips